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Level 4

I’m not a huge videogame fanatic but the analogy works and we did make our videogame last year... check it out if you haven’t played it already;

Anyway as I was saying, the videogame analogy.

I see the game we’re playing here at The PPW to be made up of 5 Levels:

Level 1: Start

Level 2: Build

Level 3: Stabilise

Level 4: Evolve

Level 5: Explore

...and right now we are closing in on the end of Level 3, part of which consists in creating a stable environment around a planned strategy to grow The Paperplane Workshop into the multidisciplinary creative studio that we envisioned when we opened.

Our objective has always been to support brands in areas where they have either minimal human resources or different skill sets.

We wanted to be the "easy plug-in" which would help them start-up, develop and grow without the headaches of it all and then possibly move on at they structure their business internally.

In this current stage, we support our brands from product conception to production delivery, sometimes we step in from the start and help brief the product and sometimes we come in at the end to industrialize.

Yet Level 4 represents the natural evolution into a 360° degrees brand platform which could support creatives from the start till the end covering:

Product, Sales, Marketing, Logistics.

An ambitious plan which will be rolled out gradually over the next 24 months as we insert new professional figures into our team and develop new expertise,

I (Joe, Founder of The PPW) decided to start a blog where occasionally I'll post stories about what we've been up to and thoughts we have about the industry. It's not going to be anything fancy and I hope to improve my writing skills as I go along :)

Write me a message if you'd like to hear about anything in particular.

Thank you reading

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